VLAC Scope of Accreditation

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


  • Radiated disturbance (including above1GHz for FCC,CISPR 11 )
  • Conducted disturbance


  • Electro static discharge test
  • Radiated electromagnetic field strength
  • Electrical fast transient/burst (EFT/B)
  • Surge
  • RF conducted interference
  • Radiated magnetic field strength
  • Interruptions and Voltage variations

Radiated Disturbance Emission above 1GHz

  • CISPR 35
  • VCCI Technical requirements

Power transmission equipment immunity

  • Damped oscillatory wave immunity test
  • Ring wave immunity test
  • Voltage fluctuation immunity test for equipment with input current
  • Mains Harmonics and Interharmonics

Harmonic in Public Low Voltage Systems

  •  Harmonic current test
  •  Voltage changes, Voltage fluctuations
     and Flicker test

Telecommunications Equipment Performance Test

Telecommunications Equipment Performance 1

  • Test based on FCC
  • Test based on Canadian standards
  • Test based on European standards
  • Test based on Radio Law

Telecommunications Equipment Performance 2

  • Electromagnetic Field Exposure (Specific Absorption Rate)
  • Electromagnetic Field Exposure (Magnetic Field Strength)

Telecommunications Equipment Performance 3

  • Wired communication equipment

ACOUSTIC (Airborne Noise Emission)

  • ISO 7779, ECMA-74, Blue Angel mark, etc

Product safety

  • Home appliances
  • Multimedia
  • Medical electrical equipment
  • Electrical equipment for measurement ,control and laboratory use


  • International Energy Star Program
  • USA Energy Star Program 
  • Power consumption
  • Environmental Testing

Vehicle and ESA (Electrical/Electronic Sub-assembly)

  • Immunity to ESA
  • Emission from ESA
  • Immunity to Vehicle
  • Emission from Vehicle

Defense and aerospace emission

  • Immunity to Defense and aerospace
  • Emission to Defense and aerospace

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