Conformity Assessment

The conformity assessment is to demonstrate that the product, service, process, personnel, and/or organization meets the specified requirements.

For example, to ensure that electrical appliances, machineries, or food such products meets the requirements for a respective standard or law by the test is one method of conformity assessment.

VLAC is an organization (accreditation body) to certify officially the competence of testing laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), acoustic noise, telecommunication equipment performance, power consumption and electrical safety.

VLAC assesses the technical competence and quality system of the testing laboratory based on the International Standard ISO / IEC 17025 (JIS Q 17025) "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories". VLAC grants accreditation for testing laboratory that meets the requirements of the above international standard.

VLAC is a member of the international mutual recognition agreements (MRA) of accreditation bodies. Test report that is attached the "VLAC accreditation symbol" issued by VLAC accredited laboratories are accepted all over the world as proof of high reliability of the testing. 

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