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Documents for EMC Laboratory Accreditation
Requirements, Standard and Application Forms

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Document Number Title Revised Date
VR100A:2023(R3) Rules for Accreditation of Testing Laboratories Aug 21,2023
VR102:2018 Specific Requirements for EMC Laboratories Aug 1,2018
VR102-2:2020 Specific Requirements for EPA Energy Star Program Oct 1, 2020
VR102-3:2024 Policy on Accreditation of Testing Laboratories Performing Performance Tests for WI-SUN Telecommunications Device Apr 18, 2024
VR102-4:2024 Notes regarding matters not applicable to testing activities Apr 12,2024
VR102-5:2024 Specific Requirements for EMC testing activities performed outside of permanent test facilities Apr 25,2024
VR103:2021 VLAC policy for traceabitity of measurement Sep 1,2021
VR105:2021 VLAC policy for Uncertainty in Measurement Sep 1,2021
VR106A:2019 Policy for Proficiency Test Sep 23,2019
VR107:2023 Policy on Use of Accreditation Symbol and Reference to Accreditation June 1,2023
VR108:2022 Policy and Rules for Impartiality Aug 9,2022
VR109:2019 Rules for handling of Complaints Mar 26,2019
VR110:2022 Rules for handling appeals March 11,2022

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